The theme of the exhibition is random scenes on the stage of everyday life


Life is like a play on a huge stage where versatile colourful entertainers interpret everyday moments and unconsciously perform scenes brilliantly. Incidental occurrences of the moment appear on this stage of life like impressive spectacles, one after the other.The sequence of events is complex and sometimes seems improvised in the heat of the moment. At the same time, however, the unconsciously created performances and the unintentional "stage plays" seem to be well thought-out productions, prudently conceived and organised with unclouded care. Often a familiar crew appears, splendid characters and quirky types appear in various roles. Probably these are the popular roles on the extensive podium of destiny – or is everything really just a puppet show in this earthly life?

Drawings: Copyright © Salbörg Hotz

Many of the caricatures come from a collection of sketches and drawings spanning many years, but several images are also recent. The drawing pencils are always dedicated to the craft and let lines and strokes emerge that document various stage plays of everyday life. The lines unfold on the blank page and depict individual events, or they simply reflect what is thought of as a particular situation.