DRAWINGS - different tones

Black lines, or the harsh reality...

Life is like a giant stage with odd characters and peculiar types in different roles. Probably these are the grandiose roles on the podium of destiny... Everyday moments are presented on the stage of life as arbitrarily as they are deliberately organized. All incidents are in fact continuous processes of performances with unsuspecting entertainers.


Some special everyday moments...

What a luck, to have an umbrella!


Have you lost your mind? It is absolutely outrageous to expose bare feet like this to decent people!


I need another confirmation, my dear priest! Hick! The first sip was so good back then... I have not been sober since then!


Oh, how cute! Surely it's a highly gifted genius with a preprogrammed academic career!


Dad, you can finally enjoy life in a retirement home! There is always a lot going on there and you should really look forward to it!


This is a round thing, maybe a picture of a bald-headed guy... Haha, are you kidding?


This adorable dress definitely works anti-aging!


It all depends on you! Either you fulfill my expectations and prove how much you're in love with me, or I will be deeply hurt and very insulted!


Are you looking for some wisdom in this depraved stuff, or are you just staring at it pointlessly?


I didn't want a trip abroad!

It was just your idea!


The awesome fashion trends can be admired mutually... and at the same time one can enjoy the view as if by a chance!


My love! You've become so slim and beautiful... Hick! I hardly recognized you!


Is this a work of art? In the dishwasher at home you can see such stuff for free!


How about a very small pay rise without a strike?


In full confidence, dear friend... Hick! My wife doesn't understand me!


Oh, our highly gifted child prodigy can't stand the wrong notes!


 You whine and dare to doubt my love for you! Are you a feminist or something like that? Such an impudence!


Hey, how is it actually? If the bomb goes off, are we gonna explode too?


 I need a loving and caring woman! Selfless devotion to me would also be fitting! This is a great chance I'm giving you! When are you finally going to grasp it?


Now I'll let the pillar collapse with full force and you will take a historical photo!


My dear, it's all your fault! I've become quite desperate because of all the years of nagging!


Fidelity forever, my dear.... ah, what is your name again?


Hey, guys! Who was cheating now?


About time for the well-deserved reward!


Hey, listen! What does she have, that I don't have?


Hopefully I will be well recognized on the painting and maybe I could become famous!


Help! Do you always have to hang on me so tightly?


Oh, what's the point anyway?


It's supposed to be an extreme cleanser for the modern housewife!


Come now my little one and give a kiss to the aunt!


There is smoked sausage and fried pudding with brandy, all flambéed. Does it suit your noble taste?


 We can certainly show off on social media with a photo like this!


Get on with it already, or do you always have to be so slow? I've been waiting for  an eternity! Hey, are you asleep?


Now you have to listen carefully, I'll read what you should have learned at home! Here comes the next page and it goes on like this...


Probably it is just a loose screw.... Aren't most people these days with a loose screw?


He needs to be reset somehow! He has been in a rigid state for a week now.


Hands off! It's all for me!


Dear fellow citizens! You don't have to think about anything! It's certainly clear who you have to vote for!


Here everything is organic, even the flying spices are added for free!


 You don't love me enough! I bring you beautiful flowers and you give the dog the time that should be reserved for me! I'm so hurt and it's your fault! You should make an effort to make it up to me now!


Is this a natural disaster, or the brutality of fate?


The scissors have disappeared completely! I can't find them anywhere!


May I draw your attention to the fact that the party is long over and everyone is gone! You can continue the tango outside in the corridor!


Here's your chance to finally dry out once and for all!


The soup should not be too dull now, I put a big batter of this! Still, I'm not sure what this could be ... Maybe someone was tinkering with the cans on the spice rack?


 We think propaganda and brainwashing are very funny! Do you want to convince us of some nonsense? Then please start the manipulation, we can hardly wait!


It must be properly cleaned here, then the difference is seen immediately!


I'm beginning to wonder if it was really worth hoarding so much of this coveted product.