The black and white reality of the caricature...

Some special moments...

Refreshing rain promotes beauty and makes one young again!


Have you lost your mind? It's absolutely shameful to expose the bare feet to decent people!


I need another confirmation, my dear priest! Hick! The first sip was so good back then!


Oh, how cute! Surely it's a highly gifted genius with a preprogrammed academic career!


Dad, you can finally enjoy life in a retirement home! There is always a lot going on there and you should really look forward to it!


This is a round thing, maybe a picture of a bald-headed guy... Are you kidding?


This adorable dress emphasizes the seductive figure and gives every lady a younger look!


It all depends on you! Either you have to meet my expectations and thus prove how much you love me, or I will be deeply hurt and very insulted!


Are you looking for some wisdom in this depraved stuff, or are you just staring at it pointlessly?


I didn't want a trip abroad!

It was your idea!


The awesome fashion trends can be admired mutually... and at the same time one can enjoy the view as if by a chance!


My love! You've become so slim and beautiful... Hick! I hardly recognized you!


Is this a work of art? In the dishwasher at home you can see such stuff for free!


How about a very small pay rise without a strike?


In full confidence, dear friend... Hick! My wife doesn't understand me!


Oh dear! Our highly gifted child prodigy can't stand the wrong notes!


 You whine and dare to doubt my love for you! Such impudence! Is life only revolving around you?


Hey, how is it actually? If the bomb goes off, are we gonna explode too?


I would bring you the stars from the sky quickly and efficiently, although I am very busy and always burdened with stress! In return I am entiteled to loving care and selfless devotion from you!


Now I'll let the pillar collapse with full force and you will take a historical photo!


My dear, it's all your fault! I've become quite desperate because of all the years of nagging!


Loyalty forever, my dearest... In case, if nothing comes in between...


Hey, guys! Who was cheating now?

About time for the well-deserved reward!


Can I be recognized now in the painting?