Salbjörg Sveinsdóttir Hotz was born and raised in Iceland. She studied music with a major in piano in Reykjavík, Iceland, and further in Vienna, Austria. She worked for a time as an instrumentalist and piano teacher in Iceland and then Switzerland. She lives in Switzerland, where she is engaged as a freelance musician, composer and caricaturist. Some of her compositions have been performed in concerts in Iceland and Switzerland. Two CDs with all her earlier works, songs with piano accompaniment, Vision of Fire and Songs of Living Waters, were recorded with Icelandic singers and released in Iceland.

Parallel to her music studies, she focused on caricature drawing and also took art courses in caricature drawing in Vienna. Many of her caricatures have appeared in books and pamphlets. Her caricature drawings have also been exhibited in various art exhibitions in Iceland, Austria, Israel and Switzerland. A selection of her caricature drawings has been published in the book Dissonances - Caricatures on Music in German and in Icelandic. She describes the drawings as "a kind of compositions without tones".