DISSONANCES - Cartoons about Music

Note: The book is only available in German and in Icelandic yet.

Hardcover, 88 pages

ISBN-13: 9783739241739

Hardcover, 88 pages

ISBN-13: 9783741237751

The book, DISSONANCES is a collection of older and newer cartoons related to music and music lovers.


Various virtuoso musicians, singers, soloists and dazzling instrumentalists are the main charachters in the shnapshots from the drawing pen. The cartoons illustrate varied rehearsels and lively concert performances. The respected audience looks on, mostly with dedication an enthusiasm, sometimes busy with other things. Music terms like humoresque, nocturne and elegie are reinterpreted in the drawings, a fortissimo is sung shrilly and the missed cue is improvised if necessary.


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Drawings in the book

The expressive performance of a Sonata by Beethoven

Anniversary concerts and other events...

Some spectacular music performances...

More cartoons:

Book in German: DISSONANZEN - Karikaturen zum Thema Musik ISBN-13: 9783739241739

Book in Icelandic: ÓMSTRÍÐIR TÓNAR - Skopteikningar úr tónlistarlífinu ISBN-13: 9783741237751