Cartoons on the subject of music, texts in German and in Icelandic

Hardcover, 88 pages

ISBN-13: 9783739241739

Hardcover, 88 pages

ISBN-13: 9783741237751


The book, DISSONANCES is a collection of older and newer cartoons related to music, audience and music lovers. Various virtuoso musicians, singers, soloists and dazzling instrumentalists are the main charachters in the snapshots from the drawing pen. The cartoons illustrate varied rehearsels and lively concert performances. The respected audience looks on, mostly with dedication an enthusiasm, sometimes busy with other things. Music terms like humoresque, nocturne and elegie are reinterpreted in the drawings, a fortissimo is sung shrilly and the missed cue is improvised if necessary.


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Note: The books are available in German and in Icelandic only

Drawings from the book

Hello, one can't hear anything! Here is a multi-course dinner party with live dinner music!


Do you expect applause and jubilations after every single movement?


This is probably an endless violin concerto without any compromises!


Brilliant with the barbed wire! No one has composed anything like that before!


Wow, contemporary performing practice! These instruments sound quite inventive!


Devotion and elegance, this is the magic of music!


Quiet please, don't cough! Otherwise ultra-modern sounds will crash upon us!


Hey guys! Which score is in use now?


On the wings of song - and the grand piano remains silent...


The catastrophe should finally come now! I am not the critic here for nothing!


Are you up for some cultural diversion with Vivaldi and me now?


The art of listening: Concert lovers and specialists in their element!


No panic! When the concert starts, I'm already finished at the very latest!


The first violin alone... Isn't that heavenly?


How long is this Nocturne actually?


We music teachers are like policemen, we just check if the students practice well!


A finger exercise by Czerny is like an appetizer, Mozart is the main course and for dessert you get to play boogie-woogie!


Cool beats in free, contemporary rhythm! This piece is really a hammer!


The neighbor asks if you might run out of air soon.


It should sound like a lovely singing nightingale and not like a clogged tailpipe!


This is definitely an arabesque!


Help! I have completely forgotten the beginning of the piece!


Concerto for solo flute and flock of birds.


Is it finished now?


Book in German:

DISSONANZEN - Karikaturen zum Thema Musik ISBN-13: 9783739241739

Book in Icelandic:

ÓMSTRÍÐIR TÓNAR - Skopteikningar úr tónlistarlífinu ISBN-13: 9783741237751